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Cement product manufacturers in Quanzhou area note the construction of cement pipes

Date: 2019-6-21 21:15:50 Visitors:

Quanzhou cement products factory will choose a more professional cement product manufacturer, and Nan'an Shixing is a professional manufacturer of cement products. Here, the fashionable cement product manufacturers will tell you some things that need attention in order to make the use of cement pipes better:

Detecting the status of each connected part of the cement pipe

During the use, detailed inspection of each part of the cement pipe must be made, and it must be determined that the parts linked by each hose must be reliable and in a normal state. Secondly, when using it, pay attention to strictly observe the precautions in the product description. It must not be overloaded. According to the specific needs of the construction situation, it is necessary to continue to suppress the cement that has reached the stroke. It depends. Otherwise, the oil cylinder is prone to accidental oil leakage.

Do not directly support jacks for cement pipe construction

During the construction of cement pipes, electric pumps and jacks are commonly used equipment tools. When using them, specific operations need to be carried out according to the instructions. The use of the jack needs to be carried out on a stable and flat platform. If the weight is heavy, you need to use a support to make it firm, but experts remind that the jack itself is strictly prohibited as a support.
Regarding the price of cement pipes, different manufacturers have different models of cement pipes, and their prices are different. Experts suggest that customers should identify the products of professional manufacturers of cement pipes when purchasing, so as to ensure the quality of their products Because the quality of the product directly affects the quality of construction, and even affects the normal use and maintenance costs in the later stage.