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Cement product manufacturers talk about what will affect the life of concrete cement pipes

Date: 2019-6-15 16:56:53 Visitors:

What are the daily influences of Shixing i mud product manufacturers on the life of concrete water pipes? Reinforced meshes will have tendons running and leaking when the welding joints are not secure, which will make the pipe body appear non-reinforced. It is difficult to center the reinforcing mesh after forming, and the reinforcing mesh is eccentric, that is, the protective layer of the reinforcing mesh is uneven.
This process requires a large number of molds to ensure the output, and the size of each mold is biased. The long-term disassembly of the open mold will also cause large deformation, which results in the roundness of the pipe, the verticality of the nozzle, and the pipe. Large deviations in diameter and pipe length will affect the installation quality of the project. Leakage will cause the road surface to sink and cause pollution to the soil and groundwater on both sides of the pipeline.
Pore water in fashionable concrete cement pipe concrete is usually alkaline, and the steel bar is inert when the pH value is greater than 9.5, and will not rust. The carbon dioxide in the air reacts with the alkali in the cement to make the pore water more acidic, thereby lowering the pH. From the moment the component is made, carbon dioxide carbonizes the concrete on the surface of the component and deepens. If the component cracks, carbon dioxide in the air will more easily and easily enter the interior of the concrete. Usually in the process of structural design, the minimum thickness of the reinforcing steel protective layer is determined according to the building code. If this value is weakened by the carbonization of the concrete, it may cause structural damage due to the corrosion of the reinforcing steel.
The main force-bearing material in reinforced concrete structures, its combination with brittle concrete materials can constitute a solid entity, which can be used in construction products with strict safety requirements, such as any content in reinforced engineering is not strictly designed according to specifications Preparation and construction are required, which may affect the use of the function, and cause the building to collapse. The cold-drawn, tensioned and welded steel bars for winter construction shall comply with the provisions in the winter construction regulations, and strictly control the negative temperature construction conditions and temperature limits.
The fashionable concrete cement pipe manufacturer concrete is a mixture of cement (usually portland cement) and aggregate. When a certain amount of water is added, the cement hydrates to form a micro-opaque lattice structure, which wraps and binds the aggregate into a monolithic structure. Generally, concrete structures have strong compressive strength. However, the tensile strength of concrete is low, usually only about one-tenth of the compressive strength. Any significant tensile bending action will cause the micro-lattice structure to crack and separate, leading to structural damage.